Coors Brewing Company at a glance

Coors Brewing Company is a business unit of Molson Coors Brewing Company, (NYSE, TSX - TAP). It is the third largest
brewer in the U.S. The company's brands include Coors Light, Molson Canadian, Coors, Aspen Edge, Killian's Irish Red,
Keystone, Blue Moon, Coors NA and Zima XXX.

From growing and malting virtually all of our own barley to our frost-brewing process, Coors is committed to delivering
high-quality products to our consumers.

It all starts with the finest ingredients...

Coors uses an all-natural brewing process and only the finest ingredients: ideal brewing water, hops, cereal grains (rice and
refined corn starches) and barley. Coors has developed special strains of two-row barley and we malt virtually all of the barley
ourselves to ensure the highest product control and quality. In fact, we're the only major domestic brewer to exclusively use
two-row barley. This particular type of barley gives the kernals ample room to grow and develop, in contrast to six-row barley,
producing a more consistent and higher quality crop. Additionally, Coors ingredients are specially designated, which results in
all of Coors' major domestic premium brands being kosher-certified.

...Then, the aging.

On average, Coors takes more time to make our products than our major competitors. The result? An exceptionally aged,
naturally-brewed, stable and smooth product.

Low temperature filtration and packaging

To ensure freshness, Coors uses a unique low temperature filtering and sterile-fill system that stabilizes the beer at its
freshest point without heating it by pasteurization.

In addition, Coors beers are packaged in dark amber bottles and protective cartons to guard against light damage. Some
Coors products are pasteurized - mostly exports that require an extra quality-assurance measure for extended travel.

Ensuring freshness

Coors codes each bottle and can with a consumer-friendly code showing an easy-to-read 'sell by' date to ensure that the
product will still be fresh for consuming after purchase from retailers. The code is 112 days for most packaged products and 45
to 60 days for most kegs.